Social impact

Our mission is to respect and value all people – communicating through

design and innovating for a better future for all.

With social impact at our core, della terra will continue

to create good paying jobs in an environment

where people thrive, helping to raise awareness about sustainable,

ethical and inclusive choices in fashion.

Environmental mission


Our mission is to continuously work towards sustainability and fight Climate Change:
• Emphasizing our sustainable material mix and using entirely vegan material.
• Sharing how we drive growth through innovation.
• Striving to efficiently use water and energy in order to minimize chemicals.



We promise to uphold standards for the universal human rights of all people:
• Embracing a broad and diverse consumer base and remaining committed to providing the shoes that they need.
• Designing and creating many products with gender inclusivity.
• Aiming to make our footwear and digital product assortment accessible to all.



We pledge to identify and improve the environmental, social, and ethical impacts of our production:
• We will share supply chain traceability.
• We will disclose all material and components.
• We will discuss how we can better promote a fair wage system as well as highlight that we are a fair wage footwear business.

Our materials are:

• Made in Italy

Ecological recycled materials that includerenewable plant sources such as pineapple, corn, grape-seed, castor

• Developed using low environmental impact production processes

Without the use of solvents and harmful substances including Chrome, Lead and Phthlate Free. Which far exceed the strict requirements established by the European regulation (REACH)

• Utilize reduced energy waste of water, electricity and gas

SARTA (shoe and allied trade research association) Certified

• Include Biodegradable Rubbers

GRS certified recycled threads

Our factories are:

Fair Wage

• Consume electric energy power generated 100% from clean sources such as hydroelectric and eolic (wind) power

Carbon neutral since 2017

• Consume zero KW from fossil fuel power plants

• Have diversity and inclusion programs as well as young learning program

• Hold certificates of responsibility from the ABRINGQ Foundation for Children and Youth Human Rights

Our packaging is:

• 100% post-consumer recycled goods

• We ship the product in the original shoe box so as not to waste additional materials 

• Shipping itself is carbon neutral

Planting Program

At della terra, we plant one tree

for each item purchased. This means for each pair you buy, you help to reverse deforestation

Our Giving Commitment

Soles 4 Souls

We partner with Soles4Souls so that for every pair of gently worn shoes you donate, we can give you 10% off your next della terra purchase! We also donate any excess product or samples to this organization.

One Tree Planted

We partner with One Tree Planted to work towards carbon neutrality, making precise decisions about every sample we produce.